Chiropractic Care for Moms and Families

Chiropractic care may make you uneasy if you are not familiar with it. However, this therapy is safe and effective in allowing the body to heal itself. It aligns your spine, joints, and muscles, allowing for the circulation of body fluids. The alignment will also help heal inflammation and infections. Your nervous system will communicate effectively with the brain to relieve any pain.

There are so many benefits of chiropractic care. The therapy is not just for adults, but it can also benefit children. Thus, you can partake in it as a family. Here are some of the benefits of chiropractic care for moms and their families.


Chiropractic Care for Moms

Pregnancy can be an uplifting and yet draining experience. It comes with aches and pains as the bones and ligaments expand to accommodate the baby. The extra weight of the baby also puts additional weight on your spine.

It puts your body off balance and can cause problems with your vertebrae. If you are a mom-to-be, try chiropractic adjustments. They will fix your joint and spine problems and will help put your baby in the proper position for delivery.

Post-natal moms can also enjoy the benefits of chiropractic care. It helps realign their spine, joints, and muscles after birth. It corrects pelvic misalignments so that they can sleep better and will help eliminate the usual back and neck pains.


Chiropractic Care for Families

Families are different. Some have toddlers, pre-teens, teenagers, young adults, or a mix. Whatever your family looks like, they can all benefit from chiropractic care at Active Family Chiropractic.



Many things can cause a toddler’s body to be out of balance. Chiropractic care will help restore balance and effectively treat ear infections, colic, acid reflux, and breastfeeding difficulties.

Some of these issues, like ear infections, are painful and the number one reason for pediatrician visits. Chiropractic care will also help your little one sleep soundly and wake up fresh and active the next day.


Pre-teens, Teens, and Young Adults

This group may get injuries from sports, excursions, or games with their peers. Chiropractic care will help deal with these injuries. It will also help with any neck and back pain. It allows them to get back on their feet and resume their activities. With chiropractic care, your child will not miss developmental milestones.


What About Dads?

Dads are also prone to injuries and issues that may set their spine out of alignment. Chiropractic care can also deal with these issues. It relieves the pain brought about by headaches and migraines. It aligns your nerves and treats pinched nerves that may wreak havoc on your body. It is a non-invasive way to help your body heal quickly and a medication-free way of easing pain.

For more information on chiropractic care for families, visit Active Family Chiropractic at our office in Tempe, Arizona. You can call (602) 712-9444 today to schedule an appointment.

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