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Active Family Chiropractic Reviews

I've been to several practices in different states. This is by far the best place I have ever been to. She knows what your body needs and reminds you to care for it. She is not just there for your spine but your life style as well! She is amazing. Unfortunately I moved away, and it was a difficult choice to make mainly because of this practice. Wonderful, sweet, and caring people.

Jessica G.

Very professional and a doctor explains everything very clear also good atmosphere have a good time and it's fun to be there

Julian C.

Littlerly the best desicion I have made this year was to start going to Dr Carlson regularly. My chronic pain get better everytime I go. I have ehlers Donlos syndrome and doc took x-rays qnd reviewer them before deciding how to work on my body! The receptionist, Heather, is also the sweetest person you will ever meet. All around friendly place to go. Highly recommend.


Active Chiropractic is always striving to provide the best service your body needs! Doc understands your concerns, takes the time to explain what is going on, and why she is treating you the way she is. Definitely suggest this to anyone who hasn’t received the care your body deserves!

Tyra C.

Last weekend I felt a pretty bad pop in my back(ribs) while doing typical daily activities. I was in quite a bit of pain and discomfort, not to mention sleeping was almost out of the question. I came into the office Monday morning and was thoroughly surprised with the treatment and overall experience I received! I have had quite a bit of experience with multiple chiropractors in the past without a lot of success, so I definitely came into this skeptical of how well it would work out for me this time... less than 1 weeks time my back feels great and my range of motion is back to normal!!! I will definitely be returning and referring others! Very impressed!

Michael M.

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